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About YMSL

Young Men's Service League is a non-profit organization that initiates and encourages young men and their mothers to pursue philanthropic involvement in their community and provides an opportunity to enhance mother/son relationships.

Young Men’s Service League, Inc has a National Board of Directors which governs and promotes the expansion of YMSL Chapters throughout the United States to allow young men and their mothers to assist, serve, and support those who are in need in their communities. YMSL members have served over 100,000 community service hours since the organization was formed in 2001.

YMSL History
YMSL was founded by Pam and Julie Rosener who envisioned an organization that would allow mothers and their high school aged sons to work together in support of those in need within the community. They recruited other interested mothers who shared their vision and turned that dream into the reality that is now YMSL.

The initial YMSL chapter is in Plano, Texas, where Pam and Julie worked with other empowered mothers and sons to create a highly successful philanthropic and developmental organization for young men and their mothers. The first Oregon YMSL chapter, the Lake Oswego chapter, was started in the Spring of 2018 by Kerry Hinrichs and Becky Owens.  The chapter includes young men who attend Lake Oswego, Lakeridge, Oregon Episcopal School, West Linn, and Riverdale High Schools.

Becky Owens President ymsllopresident@gmail.com
Kerry Hinrichs Vice President ymsllovp@gmail.com
Julie Gevurtz Treasurer ymsllotreasurer@gmail.com
Julie Johnstone Secretary ymsllosecretary@gmail.com
Simone Jones Parliamentarian ymslloparliamentarian@gmail.com
Sara Wert VP Membership ymsllovpmembership@gmail.com
Kristen Nelson VP Philanthropy ymsllovpphilanthropy@gmail.com
Shante Matlock VP Boys ymsllovpboys@gmail.com
Julie Watson VP Communications ymsllovpcommunication@gmail.com
Emily Schmitt VP Website ymsllovpwebsite@gmail.com